I’m back, but not really.

Hey everyone, for those of you who might read this, or might not, or whatever, there were some fun times and fun music to be had on this blog a few years ago. Unfortunately due to copyright violations all the links were killed about two years back, and I decided the blog went with it.

But a return isn’t out of the picture, and sometime in the future I might upload some of these classic cuts once again for you lovely folks out there, so keep an eye out, there may be a return of WDPK sometime in the near future…

Alan Braxe Vs. Beastie Boys – Beastiality (White Label)

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been away for a little while. Life catches up with ya, you know? First off I’d like to thank Lifelike (Yes, that Lifelike) for linking to my blog on his Twitter! If you’re reading this Lifelike, I really appreciate it.

Second, we’ve seen a legendary rapper in the Beastie Boys’ MCA die yesterday, so I’m going to post up this classic white label release that Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Man used to love to play in their live sets, this one made it into their Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1 on New Year’s Eve 1999! This track mashes up the Beastie Boys’ song Intergalactic with Alan Braxe’s classic Vertigo (Virgo Edit) from Roule Records. Enjoy guys!


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?78ur5wkht2c5ufh

Drexxel – True Romance

I haven’t abandoned WDPK, don’t worry guys! Here’s another awesomely overlooked French House album by Drexxel, who I’ve posted about here on WDPK before, with his awesome single “A Man Called Drexxel”. That song came from his full-length LP True Romance, which was released on Grand Prix, another label run by Fab G. (How many labels does this guy own?!) and it’s some great stuff. Heavy funky synth with a lot of sweet, sweet basslines. The album overall is pretty varied, some songs are straight up French House-choons, others go into a more techno sound, and still others have a bit of a slower pace that’s very nice. The whole album is so undeniably groovy that you can’t help but move your feet! Great synth work all-around, and if you enjoyed Nicolas Vallee’s – The Natural album from my last post, you should definitely check out this one!


1. Ouverture
2. Rendez-Vouz
3. Videogamer
4. A Man Called Drexxel
5. 36.15
7. Rise of the Machines
8. Wild Wild Aix
9. True Romance
10. Simple Plaisir
11. Superstar
12. Hustle
13. Paradise Island
14. Playing By Myself
15. Expectation

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?i3esvt3qz9abxxp

Nicolas Vallee – The Natural

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now, you probably have seen my posts about little-known house artist Nicolas Vallee, who’s done but a couple of EPs and ONE album on French House mogul Fab G., known for owning quite a few labels back in the day. And here on Vallee’s solo album we’ve got a combination of one-part French House, with two-parts ambient house, and you have quite a unique album. And while not every track is a winner, Nicolas Vallee develops here a very unique sound that’s heavy on basslines and deep house-like synths with just a touch of sampling thrown in that makes for an overall winner. If you’re a fan of Etienne De Crecy and Motorbass, you’ll surely get enjoyment out of “The Natural”. Some of the winners on the album include Intro The Club/New New York, which is very sample-heavy and pretty traditional for French House of the time period. Then there’s Smoking Roots, which contains some ambient synths and a very heavy bassline that will get you moving for sure! And my personal favorite is Land of the Free, with it’s high-pitched synths, super hot bassline, hand claps, and flute solos that make it sound like it was imported straight from a Nintendo 64 game.  Overall, Nicolas Vallee had quite some talent, especially as a bass player, and it’s a shame he didn’t make more music.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?rspffm6vp2sp3v5


Sedat – Never Give Up

Hey Gang, here’s a little treat for you today! A stand-alone track from Sedat the Turkish Avenger! I’m not exactly sure how this one was spread around, but I think it may have been a promo for a blog. In this tune, Sedat uses his summery synths to portray a smooth feeling with a light house beat on this one. According to the Work It Baby website Sedat is going to release an EP on their label, but unfortunately I haven’t heard anything more about it in a long time, and an e-mail to the label just told me to wait. So as we wait for an EP that probably never will come out (House music fans, we are eternal pessimists when it comes to new material being released!) here’s a little bonus track to hold you over. Keep on Housin’!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?pcbrdembb8l5bi3

KXSC Fred Falke Interview + Info about Fred Falke – Part IV!

Hey everyone! In case you hadn’t heard, Fred Falke is coming out with a new compilation album this December on Kris Menace’s label Work It Baby! 12 tracks, three of which are new. Having heard all of the tracks I must say they are all excellent and if you haven’t gotten into all of Fred Falke’s solo work, this is pretty much the best way to get into it! Features all of the tracks from his previous EP save “Sanctuary” (Which is a crime to exclude because of his collaboration track Electricity with Kris Menace!) as well as three new tracks “Bare Knuckle” (Formerly called Ampkiller), Aurora, and Memories! Memories is my favorite of the three new tracks, a calm moody piece that’s inspired directly by Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack and shows Fred’s excellent music ability. Perhaps he’ll decide to do a Movie Soundtrack in the future? That would be just fantastic!

Also linked here is an interview conducted by my friend Ahmar Rez of KXSC Radio Los Angeles who was able to ask Fred some questions after a gig he did in the Sunshine state! Fred talks about his history of playing music, his Alan Braxe collaborations, Part IV, and many more things! So enjoy guys, and be sure to pick up the new Fred Falke album when it is released, support the artist!

01. 8:08pm At the Beach
02. Back to Stay
03. Last Wave
04. Electricity
05. Omega Man
06. Bare Knuckle
07. Aurora
08. Chicago
09. Wait For Love
10. Look Into Your Eyes
11. Love Theme
12. Memories


Moulinex & Xinobi – The Discotexas Theme

Hey gang, sorry I haven’t been posting too much! With summer winding down and vacations and all kinds of different shit to do, I’ve been ignoring WDPK a little bit :( But here I am with another new rare track from Moulinex (Now Moullinex) and Xinobi, leaders of the D.I.S.C.O Texas label and awesome french house producers! This track was originally made for a remix contest, and according to Xinobi’s Facebook page it was never supposed to be released/leaked in it’s original form, in fact he didn’t even have a copy of an MP3 himself, nor did he know how it ended up on the web! Very interesting stuff! This track is an awesome one, starts off with a vocodered voice saying “Discotexas” and a chopped up horn loop that turns into an awesome hook halfway through the song, what a fantastic track! Shame it didn’t get a proper release, as I really like it! Enjoy guys!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?pm3ki8i16ekwmy6

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