Together – Call on Me/Nicolas Vallee – New New York

Reuploaded this banger by request! Eric Prydz can toss off!

UPDATE: Thanks to an interview with DJ Falcon conducted by my personal friend Viewfromnowhere, it has been CONFIRMED that this is indeed an original track created by DJ Falcon and Thomas Bangalter. They felt that it sounded too similar to Together and So Much Love To Give though, so they decided against releasing the track. If you want to hear that part of the interview, check this video out:

DJ Falcon Call On Me Interview

This was a bootleg release back in 2004 that first released the popular song Call on Me, and credited it to DJ Falcon and Thomas Bangalter (Better known as Together). Call on Me samples Steve Winwood’s 1987 song “Valerie”. It’s a great house tune and is one of the few that is still played today. This original version is different from the Eric Prydz track and was also released earlier, and I’m in the camp that believes that Together did indeed create this track. That story of Eric Prydz giving them an early press of the track is crap, as this track is pretty well-done, and is better than the Eric Prydz version. The other song on here is a track called New New York by Nicolas Vallee, it’s alright, nothing too special. Kind of gets in your head after a while though. So here you go, “Together 003″! enjoy!

Track Listing:

1. Call on Me – Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon
2. New New York – Nicolas Vallee


Oliver – Free Soundcloud Downloads

Alright, I LOVE Oliver, one of my favorite producers in the game right now. I feel like everything U-Tern and Oligee put their hands on is just 80s synthy nu-disco gold. The sound they’re bringing house into right now is really fresh and wild, and I just can’t get enough of it. Between producing parts of Chromeo’s new album (including the Top 40 hit Jealous, seriously loving that tune if you guys haven’t heard it), collaborating with A-Trak, remixing Breakbot, Foster The People, and others, and putting out their own amazing EPs like Mechanical (MYB, what a tune!) they’ve really climbed the charts.

I first heard them when they were getting their start with free soundcloud downloads like All Night (Heard it in an Alan Braxe mix actually) and I Need You, but now they’re no longer on their Soundcloud page for free download so I figured I’d post them, give Oliver some love and you guys some great tunes. I really enjoy All Night the most but all of these tracks have a great feel for what Oliver’s sound is like, though hopefully they keep making tunes like this and don’t go super into the electro Top 40 house sound. But this is just straight-up funky Italo Disco House right here.  Here are 4 tunes by Oliver plus 1 sampler in 79.1 FM (I really hope they release some of those demos someday!), enjoy guys!
Oliver – All Night
Oliver – Walk With Me
Oliver – Footsteps
Oliver – I Need You
Oliver – 79.1 FM



Check Me Out On Mixcloud

Pseudo-update, but just wanted to make a post and share my Mixcloud account. I’ve gotten myself a DJ Controller (The Novation Twitch to be specific) and have started making mixes after listening to house music for so long. Now seeing if I can try to make it somewhere as a DJ. I’ve uploaded a few mixes so far, including two house mixes! Check ‘em out and let me know what you think guys. My username on Mixcloud is BalooDP. I like it a little more because I can expose people to a bit more music than I normally would, and it’s legal, haha. But I’ll still post music on here, don’t you worry!


Do any of you guys DJ? I’d love to hear about it or listen to your mixes as well! What kind of equipment do you use? Or any special experiences of playing out French, funky, and classic house to the masses and watching the dancefloor shake? I want to hear them!

Thanks guys.


Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby

For those of you still out there, I’m back! Decided to post up this great tune from 2000, an Australian house hit that samples Ma Quale Idea by Pino D’Angio, which samples McFadden and Whitehead. Number 1 single in the UK, a great time for house music. Enjoy guys.



1. Don’t Call Me Baby (12″ Mix)
2. Don’t Call Me Baby (Dub)


I’m back, but not really.

Hey everyone, for those of you who might read this, or might not, or whatever, there were some fun times and fun music to be had on this blog a few years ago. Unfortunately due to copyright violations all the links were killed about two years back, and I decided the blog went with it.

But a return isn’t out of the picture, and sometime in the future I might upload some of these classic cuts once again for you lovely folks out there, so keep an eye out, there may be a return of WDPK sometime in the near future…

Alan Braxe Vs. Beastie Boys – Beastiality (White Label)

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been away for a little while. Life catches up with ya, you know? First off I’d like to thank Lifelike (Yes, that Lifelike) for linking to my blog on his Twitter! If you’re reading this Lifelike, I really appreciate it.

Second, we’ve seen a legendary rapper in the Beastie Boys’ MCA die yesterday, so I’m going to post up this classic white label release that Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Man used to love to play in their live sets, this one made it into their Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1 on New Year’s Eve 1999! This track mashes up the Beastie Boys’ song Intergalactic with Alan Braxe’s classic Vertigo (Virgo Edit) from Roule Records. Enjoy guys!



Drexxel – True Romance

I haven’t abandoned WDPK, don’t worry guys! Here’s another awesomely overlooked French House album by Drexxel, who I’ve posted about here on WDPK before, with his awesome single “A Man Called Drexxel”. That song came from his full-length LP True Romance, which was released on Grand Prix, another label run by Fab G. (How many labels does this guy own?!) and it’s some great stuff. Heavy funky synth with a lot of sweet, sweet basslines. The album overall is pretty varied, some songs are straight up French House-choons, others go into a more techno sound, and still others have a bit of a slower pace that’s very nice. The whole album is so undeniably groovy that you can’t help but move your feet! Great synth work all-around, and if you enjoyed Nicolas Vallee’s – The Natural album from my last post, you should definitely check out this one!


1. Ouverture
2. Rendez-Vouz
3. Videogamer
4. A Man Called Drexxel
5. 36.15
7. Rise of the Machines
8. Wild Wild Aix
9. True Romance
10. Simple Plaisir
11. Superstar
12. Hustle
13. Paradise Island
14. Playing By Myself
15. Expectation



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